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Hi, Just thought I'd share my fuel figures with you lot.

I've had my engine remapped and then bought an OBD2 computer called a scangauge e. I wont bore you with the science but will say it gains it's info from the fuel figures on fill up that you tap in against engine information that comes out of the ODB2 socket. I know a couple of members have these variants of scangauges.

I do lots of miles in my car for business so have been keeping a steady eye on the mpg via the scangauge.

Yesterday I went to Birmingham and rtn to Chorley in lancs. My best sustained MPG was 51mpg on the flat at around 65mph, 1 person in the car. My average MPG for the whole trip was 48mpg. Around town and non motoway I get around the 38 to 42mpg

I know some of you lot are not best pleased with your MPG so this may go a way to justify a remap.

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