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Hi all, my 1.3 Rio LE+ has covered 46k miles and is coming up to 6 yrs old andI intend to change the timing belt this summer. I was a mechanic in the 70's and have rebuilt severalTriumph Spitfire engines over the few years (I own a 1976 Spitfire 1500) and changed a few timing belts on Nissans a good few years ago tooso I am intending to carry out the work myself.
I havefew questions tho'.

I've registered with the KGIS system but cannot find any reference to the Rio in 1.3 form, am I looking at the wrong section?

What parts will I need to order to change the belt (I'm assuming I will need a new tensioner, but what else?)

Is there any kind soul who can provide me with a step by step guide for this job especially setting up the tensioner/cam,crank marks?

Is it best to stick to Kia parts or are third party brands such as Nipparts good enough?

I have all the tools required so it's just the method I need.

Many thanks.

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