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I'm new to Kia's I purchased a 2007 Sedona WAV Brook
Miller conversion with front end damage
and then purchased another to break up for parts after contacting
several car breakers with Sedona's. Only 2 bothered to speak to me. One
didn't reply with prices and availability and the other wanted £1200 for
the bonnet, bumper, o/s wing, front plastic engine cover and and dash
inc airbags which is the same as I paid for both cars so it's a no
brainer to buy a complete car and have loads of spares to use or sell.
The problem with the car I bought to break drove so sweet from Bristol
to Lichfield I am reluctant to break it, so guess what? I bought another
with a seized engine. This was delivered last week, this one turns out
to be a low mileage top spec also far too good to break. The saga goes
on...... another Sedona WAV Brook Miller conversion appeared, a 2008
again with front end damage so that one has been purchased. I think I
have a Sedona addiction is there any hope for me?

Here's a question. Do Sedona's have poor brakes? I can find front end damaged but no rear enders.

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Hi Brian,

Wow, your building a fleet of them.

The Sedona is a heavy car but sure the brakes were adequate for the task.

You need to focus on one to get roadworthy now, once that's done you may be able to complete the second and sell it which may cover the cost of all three.

Good luck

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