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1997 Kia Sportage, low milage, clean and rust free but has the most annoying and expensive miss-fire.

Bought cheap from a friend with a running problem, and i've lost all interest in it after a few days of trying to find the problem it has been sat on my drive for a few months now and now needs to go as the space is needed.

Basically everything is available including: New CAT and mid section, One new coil pack, new Air flow meter, chrome A bar with spots, chrome side steps, it's a dark metalic green with gold alloys. Only body damage is a dent to the passenger wing where a fence pannel was blown over on to it.

I can remove the gearbox/ engine if required and can deliver all parts (not too distant) at an agreed price.

If the wheels are wanted i wouldn't be able to sell them until the car is scrapped for monouverability purposes.

Feel free to call me (Mark) on 07703727558, i am in Duffield near Derby.
At the moment i have limited access to the internet so replies on here may take a few days but i will do my best to answer all questions etc.
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