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Hi all.
This is my first post so hello.
I've recently got my brand new 61 plate C'eed EcoDynamics and love it.
But, I recently noticed a condensation problem with the headlights. When it rains and I have the headlights on, they start to steam up on the inside. I have had many many cars, and this has never happened with any of them. Even the old bangers!!!
I took to my local Kia dealer yesterday and they said they would investigate. To cut a long story short, they couldnt find a problem with my lights, so they rang Kia, and they said that the hadlights will do this due to temperature differences, and it will clear within 30 mins!
Now, like I said, ive had many cars from crappy old bangers to nice Audi's and BMW's. NONE of them have ever had steamed up headlights when it rains.
Its smacks to me of a headlight manufacturing fault which Kia know about. The garage even gave me a pdf file print out of a memo regarding this headlight issue, which was emailed straight from Kia's head office to my dealer today! It even says on the memo " Do not replace headlights under warranty if steaming up occurs "!
Has anyone else had this issue with their C'eed and had the same story from their dealer??
Many thanks for reading
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