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Any Kia Sportage 4 owner interested in a bonnet gas strut lifter kit please contact me.

I ordered a set for a Kuga (As box). On opening the kit inside is for a Sportage 4. These kits come from a manufacturer in Russia and return costs are outweighed by keeping and selling.
They are listed on eBay, eBay item number:163595273755. also advertised by company in Russia eBay item number: 282853859198 @ £39.90+£14.90 carriage, I had to pay £11.26 Customs duty. Total £60.06.
They took two weeks to arrive so to avoid a long wait available now.
I can send any other photographs required. Please contact me through the eBay details for the item 163595273755, coc1953. Thank you.

Bonnet Hood Gas Strut lifter kit Kia Sportage 4 ( 2016 -)

No drilling / no welding

It can be installed without modifications to the car (without drilling holes in the body and bonnet without the use of rivets) and does not require special maintenance.

Included is all necessary mountings for the spacer. The estimated installation time is 10-15 minutes. Installation does not require special knowledge and skills, using a standard set of wrenches and / or outlet.

Gas palm easier to open the hood of the car - the hood becomes significantly easier to securely lock in the top position, the open / close hood now with one hand, and the hands and clothes are clean.

Brackets are made of galvanized steel and painted with black powder coating to ensure durability and perfect appearance, rust-free for the entire service life of the car.

Fitting light fixtures and power of the shock absorber is designed for comfortable operation, and elements of the body at the closing are in standard locations without changing the gap.

These have cost £60.06 (£39.90 for item, £14.90 carriage from the original supplier in the Russian Federation and 11.26 Customs as photograph). Therefore the asking price is shown accordingly. But you do not need to wait two weeks for delivery.
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