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The only ones that will work correctly are those supplied by KIA specifically for your car (if they do them). Because headlights these days do not use the glass as a lens its not possible to bend the beam.

You could try to experiment. Park facing toward a wall with lights on dip.

You will see that the beam pattern has a lift to the left, its this that will cause dazzle to other drivers when driving on the right as this raised beam will definitely dazzle.

Try to find out where some masking tape would have to go on the lamp to remove this lift and make the beam form as flat as possible. Some may say don't use masking tape as the heat of the lights will make it difficult to remove but I don't know the answer to that.

All I do know its illegals not to use some form of anti- dazzle device and as you can imagine its causes big problems to oncoming drivers.
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