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Hi All ...

First post here just to introduce myself ... Also left a message on the Newbies area!

delivery of a Rio 3 (1.4 CRDi) in Blaze Red ... Car ordered yesterday
via the leasing section of my work (Greater Glasgow NHS) ... but I've no
idea of how long it's going to take !!!

Really looking forward
to it ... my only regret is that there's no sunroof or Sat Nav options
!!! Bah ... those guys in the US/Canada seem to get all the luck !!!

Anyway, I won't let these minor irritations spoil my enthusiasm ... Can't wait!

handing back a Citroen DS3 1.6 petrol 150bhp in order to take delivery
of my Kia ... I've had this for over a year, and depite being a rocket,
it's no longer sensible ... never away from the petrol station !!! I'm
looking forward to many MPGs with my new Kia, and I've only a slight
reservation about the loss of power. I would have gone for the 1.4
petrol, but our NHS leasing section only allow us CO2's up to 125, so I
just missed out !!! I do city driving 90% of the time anyway.

anybody got a 1.4 CRDi ... what can I look forward to? ... And how long
might delivery take? ... And what lovely extras can I personalise it
with? ... Sorry for all the questions, but I'm excited already!

Looking forward to a long and happy relationship!

Cheers all,

Steven (Glasgow)
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