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As it looks like I won't be able to replace my Optima SW with a more modern version in the future, I have been giving some thought to the features I would like to retain in any replacement vehicle.

One important ease of driving aid to me is the Autohold feature and on taking a cursory look at several other models, KIA and other brands, I cannot find many equipped with that useful feature. Hill-hold seems to be fairly ubiquitous these days but I most certainly would not favour that after my acclimatisation with the excellent Autohold feature.

Without reading through the entire (and lengthy) spec list for every model that I find even slightly interesting, so far, only the high-end Hyundai Tucson matches my requirements except it's an SUV and I'm not a fan of these mostly faux, go-anywhere vehicles. I'd also really like to avoid the >40K vehicles with their punitive tax regime (in addition to the initial cost) although Autohold does feature quite often in expensive models.

Lots of things may change, of course, between now and 2021 and I have to say, I'm not entirely sold on the full-electric idea yet so some sort of hybrid seems to be the bet-hedging route for me……so long as it has an EPB and Autohold!
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