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Hi all, I have a Kia Sorento BL 2.5crdi EX-L 5 speed auto 2008. I've owned the car for 10 years and regularly tow a 2.4 tonne dual axle caravan.
Happy with the car and hope to keep it for a few more years, or until we stop towing the van. The Kia has just over 200,000klms (125,000 miles) and is running well.
I have been fussy with servicing and maintenance.
To help monitor various operating criteria I am interested in fitting the ScanGauge2 which is very popular in Australia.
At this stage I can't confirm if the ScanGauge2 can display transmission temps.
When asked, the ScanGauge2 people sent me this reply by email:
Are you able to check with the manufacturer/ dealer on this or are you due for service any time soon? Mechanic can see with his scan tool whether there is any output form the sensor on the ECU..
Has anyone done this before, or can answer whether such a sensor exists?
Would appreciate any advice on this.

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