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I am in desperate need of help here - I have a 2011 sportage. Started having issues with auto-stop about 5 weeks ago, was driving to work and auto-stop light came on dashboard (can't recall which colour) and the engine management light came on, I lost power very quickly and came to stand still. It started again few times but cut out. Eventually had to call RAC. Luckily RAC man had worked for Kia. He said common recall fault was a switch on clutch. My own garage replaced this and did something with filters. Seemed to work perfect again, auto-stop even started to work again (not that I like it). Then last week, suddenly I am out for work and the auto-stop light came on dashboard (yellow) and it lost power on a roundabout, stopped and started again, lost power again, then re-started and the auto-stop light went off and it just left orange engine management light on. I managed to get it back to my own garage who said diagnostics showed fault with leak around injector. They have put a new seal on and it showed no further faults. They had it for four days and test drove it, without issue. I picked it up yesterday morning, drove it for work a lot during day, no issues. Then last night same thing happened - yellow auto-stop light came on, lost power and came to stand still. Switched off for few minutes and it restarted ok, without any lights on.

Rang Kia this morning and they say only other thing to check is sensor on battery terminal, other than that he said he hadn't heard of this happening before. I am lost without my car and do not know where to go with this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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