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Greetings, all,

As of two days ago, Tuesday 16th November, my partner and I are the proud owners of a 58-plate, 7.5kmiles, silver Kia Cee'd LS SW CRDi, trading up from my beloved but impractical 3 door Peugeot 307 HDi which I bought nearly new in 2002 as a single guy with no commitments! How times change - parental responsibilities have been pressing for a bigger car for some time, and the appearance of the Cee'd SW with 7 years warranty caught our eye at launch in 2006. Finances have dictated waiting until some good nearly-new examples became available, and so far we reckon we couldn't have made a better choice - what other two-year-old car can you buy with five years manufacturer's warranty, equalling any and bettering the vast majority of brand new vehicles? And topping off the package is the high quality feel, classically elegant looks and sheer driving pleasure it affords us! Kia has truly come of age with the Cee'd, which has done for them as the Octavia did for Skoda ten years ago. Well done to Kia, the only way is up!

Looking forward to being part of the Kia community!

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