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Today while washing the Ceed on my rear drive a chap came over to talk to me about the car.
After a few minutes of conversation it turned out that I had known him, briefly, over 50 years ago as he had been a classmate of my brother and visited our home.
Now to the point of the post.
Prior to his fairly recent retirement he had been employed in "Civilian Support" for the US Forces in Iraq and was interested in looking at the Ceed as a possible future purchase.
His interest was based on his Iraq experience where the US Forces had been buying Kia Sportages' for non-combat duties, after seeing the locals using them, and they were proving far more resistant to 'sand failure' than the Hummers and Jeeps.
I commented that I'd never seen any military using Kias on the various news footage to which he replied "they'd rather not show that to the folks back home"

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