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I live in Roma, Italy. Three weeks ago finally after 5 months got my new Venga 1.6 equipped with all and any additional feature (the only one not purchase3d is authomatic gear).
Tried to connect my wife's mobile (Samsung) pairing was fast..and works perfectly
Tried with my daughter's mobile (LG - GT smarthpone), again fast pairing and perfectly working.
Tried with my Blackberry Bold 9700, starts pairing gets connection...and... following pops up (in same format as MS Windows software:
"Application error - Application blue.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down"

the car BT system freezes up... and the car phone system does not work. To remove from mobile phone list the BB9700 need at least 15 minutes after cutting off engine and supply to the system.

Anyone can help is more than wellcome!!!
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