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when i bought my sorento last month the antenna too didn'tretract fully into the front wing. it made a two click sounds thenswitchingon the radio and it did made the same two click sounds when switching the radio off.

now it's all working perfect.

this is what i did;
usingpenetratingoil and was helping the antenna to come out fully (just pull it when it comes out and push it in when going down). when fully erected i used sandpaper (1200) to polish the antenna. switched the radio on / off a couple times to get the antenna working again. used a rag to clean all the penetrating oil and dirt off. then put some sawing machine oil on it to keep it lubricated. all good and costs £0

one note; keep a rag at the foot of the antenna to prevent any oil / dirt / etc from dripping on the front wing / paint.
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