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Hi. I'm looking to replace the family car [an ageing VW Passat] - and have a short, shortlist of cars I'm down to.
We were lucky enough to be lent a Hyundai Santa Fe [great car but VERY uncomfortable seats] and a new Sorento for the weekend. My wife and I really liked the new Sorento [it was a KX2] - and had been saving-up for one. However, there have been a few negatives that have made me wonder if it's the right choice.

I tend to keep my cars a long time - so I really want to get this right.

I'd be very grateful to hear from any owners of the new model here - about what they think - warts and all.

I'm slightly worried by the reports of thin paint - and concerned by reports of splitting seats on other models - like the Sportage. Real world fuel consumption? Running costs?

Many thanks.
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