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Hi peeps

I came across this site as I'm researching for a 7 seater family car.

I have looking around for a 7 seater for a while and i quite like the Sorento KX3. I have sat in one but not had the opportunity to test drive one yet. I was just wondering if that would be good choice as a 7 Seater family car. It would not be used on a daily basis. We need something to pile the whole clan in on long trips.
After reading the forum i have read the sat nav in the sat nav version is not very good.

which out of the 3 KX3 version would you recommend and why.

2.2i CRDI
2.2i CRDI Auto

I have never owned a Kia before and the 7 year warranty seems pretty good is there any loop holes i have to watch out for.

Your input will greatly be appreciated.
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