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Hi everybody!

I've just bought a "nearly new" Kia Carens, which should be ready for pickup later next week. I'm Hoping to pick up some tips and tricks for looking after our new family car, here.

The odd thing is, I would never have thought about buying a Kia. That is, until our hire car was upgraded for free to a Carens when I took my family on holiday to where I grew up, in the Scottish Borders. It was like having a week long test drive, and my wife were impressed with how well made the car was, along with the amount of room inside.

Knowing our old banger back home was nearing the end of its life, we made up our minds to look at a Carens as our next car, when the time came. We were really fortunate in that a local Kia dealer was selling a late 2009 Carens it had been using as a pool, with only ~17,000km on the clock.

So, hello from Germany!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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