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Hi all, thought I'd just say hi, not quite a Kia owner just yet but hopefully will be Soon. I didn't realise that choosing a new car was so difficult. We've traipsed from dealer to dealer looking at Citroens, Peugeot, and nissans went back today and have fallen in love with the soul2. Dealer has told us that they may not be making any more until the facelift so instead of a September delivery wont be able to get one till October (though I'm sure another 4 weeks won't seem too long to wait).
Am very impressed with spec available on the soul2 and hope they don't change too much on the new version. I'm looking at the diesel with the auto box (is it tiptronic?)Has anyone else got one of these?
Hope to hear from the dealer tomorrow and place an order, am getting excited as have never had a brand new car before.

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