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Hi all
My girlfriends Karmann Sport has been off the road for a couple of months now, as it was only running on 2 cylinders.

I have found some time to work on and replaced the two coils, leeds, plugs and now it is running better but not perfectly.

I discovered that the exhaust had seen better days and replaced the full system at a very reasonable £188 with next day delivery and full fitting kit.

It now seems to be running on three cylinders upto three and a half thousand revs and then seems to be running on 4

Once I started to remove the old system I discovered that the lambda/oxygen sensor was not plugged in. I spent a few hours looking for the other end of the plug but with no luck.

I then discovered two wires, one green and one black/blue but they are not on a plug.

The plug on the lambda sensor has a three pin plug, but it may be a universal one. Can any one tell me what two pins I should connect to.

I would be ripping my hair out if I had any


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