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I have a 2009 Hyundai i10 and pulling the bonnet release lever wont open the bonnet. The lever moves but the bonnet wont open. How can I open the bonnet?
Thanks for your help.
Regards David

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Well I would try one of the Hyundai forums.

But if it is like the Picanto, then you are looking at getting under the front of the car and trying to spring the release catch. As it sounds like cable has broke.

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could be cable stretch. behind the lever in the cabin, can you see the cabin end of the cable?
if so pince it with long nosed vice grips and pull it further, it may just open the hood.

otherwise, Are you sure that it is not releasing?
get someone to lift the hood lightly while you operate the catch just to see.
On my Kia which is a similar age the release cable is quite accessable when the hood is open, take a look at another i10 and see where the cable is placed.
worse case, you may be able to cut thru it, open the hood and replace the cable. At first glace the cable in the ceed appeared to be DIY replaceable.
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