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Hi there - first post on here and hoping for some help, guidance and comparison.

I've had my proceed for 14 months now and clocked up over 11,000 miles - most of this has been motorway driving with the avergave comute to work clocking in around 80 miles (return). Despite this I've never recorded over 50mpg in the car and it's supposed to do around 60 on the combined cycle (we work out our own MPG when we fill up as well as use the computer to ensure we get a good read).

My husband and I have tried to drive carefully etc but to no avail. We've even just been on a very conservative run down to exeter which is over 200 miles and recorded only 49mpg - the return journey was a lowly 47mpg.

My husband has a 54 plate astra 1.7 that without fail delivers 55-60mpg regardless of driving style while mine, driven with feather feet, is just not getting what it says on the tin.

We took it to the local KIA dealer for servicing and mentioned this issue and were fobbed off and told there were no issues with our car.

is there anything we can do??? We've had oil changes and used fuel improver to clean out the jets etc but no discernable difference.

What are others experiences of the 1.6 crdi?

What can/should KIA be doing about this?

Husband reckons I have a 'friday car' but apart from the fuel economy the car drives very well. it's smooth, relatively quiet and refined(compared to our astra tractor), and doesn't seem to be under/over powered and build quality appears very good.

Any help appreciated.

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