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I looked online to buy ATF for the old bird yesterday and found a site...FAB i hear you cry, so what!!
Was going to buy from these people

BUT, it showed an estimated delivery date of next Monday. I needed it by this Thursday latest because i've booked ramp time at a friend of mine workshop. Basically, you only find out delivery time as you are about to pay. So they have your email address at this point. I didn't finish transaction or enter card details because i found another company they delivered faster.

Today, i get an email from direct parts(above link) offering me discount of 5%. Not alot but hey knocked off £2.50 So ordered more ATF knowing, i'd need it really soon due to mileage i do in the old bird. Spain here i come.

Moral is, place order and cancel before completing if you can waita little longer= 5% off
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