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Does anyone know if you can fit 3 car seats in the second (middle) row of the new Kia Sorento?
thank you
Hi I have the plug-in hybrid version and can say that you could fit three child seats in if they were very narrow and did not require ISO fix. I would not recommend this and would suggest for safety and long term transport comfort you consider these options Used Cars That Can Fit 3 Child Seats in the Back

Maybe a better way to answer your question is what are your car seat options.
I have two cybex solution z i-fix (isofix) with the following dimensions Length: 40.5 cm, Width: 53 cm, Height: 62.5 cm, with these fitted in the 2nd row there, is still enough space for me to sit in the middle (173cm tall and 46cm shoulders) without discomfort. Though one of these reasons is that the PHEV version does not have a transmission tunnel so my legs are together.

also the rear 3rd row seats also come with ISO fix so you could place 3x iso fix seats in the car not 4 as you will need to move and fold one of the 2nd row seats to be able to access the 3rd row.
It would also not be practical to fasten the 3rd row seat child seats without breaking your back. so the kids that use those would need to be of age where they can do it on their own like my 4 year olds and then place the baby in the 2nd row.

this is what my 2nd row looks like as you can see there are only isofix on the outer seats.

This is what the 3rd row looks like and as you can see it also has isofix, though with my cybex's which have wide shoulder protection areas my car seats do touch each other and just fit in the 3rd row.

side note I also have a volvo xc90 T8 PHEV and it is easier for me to use the sorento to access the 3rd row due to the automatic button for moving the chairs (even my 4 yr olds can do it) than in the volvo, also the volvo 3rd row does not have ISO fix.

hope that helps.
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