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Is that UVO software as well? If so maybe it’s different to the software without UVO as it seems to be that which is playing up.

I can’t even get the GPS time to show correctly now. It’s always at least exactly 1 hour in front and daylight savings puts it 2 hours in front.
Map itself looks fine but the speed sign recognition is really bad.
even though my car is equipped with camera to read signs, it will read the sign but after a few yards etc it will revert back to (- - -) until next sign again. National speed limit signs are not recognised at all anymore either.

car doesn’t seem to tell me now if there are delays on my route etc so something is off with the update but maybe only certain variants.

hopefully they will release a new update to correct this one.
Yesterday evening I had no traffic data, but back this morning, so I guess they had a connected services problem yesterday...
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