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Would be a good video if they actually talked about the cars a bit...

So given that there is no review, let me step in since I recently had my GT serviced for some minor issues, and was given a GT line for 3 days.

First of all if you are here, you probably own one of the two cars or are looking to buy one... I will start by saying BOTH are GREAT cars so buy what you can afford.

The Interior:
It is beautiful and very much upper class materials used. Many reviewers will try to knock the black/dark interior used but this is 100% standard in most sporty modern cars. Both GT and GT-line have identical interiors other than theheatedsteeringwheel and seats for the GT. The feel is very premium and you get much more for your money than you would with any other brand.

<b style="line-height: 1.4;">The Exterior:[/b]
The outside of the GT is stunning both the 3 and the 5 door variants have flawless lines. The highlighting red stitching inside and the red stripes outside contrast beautifully against the black high gloss grill. The GT-Line lacks the red highlights externally however it is still a pleasant car to look at and does not look out of place in the lineup with much more expensive cars. The estate variant really does make the car stand out and is extremely practical.

The Engine:
The GT's engine is very good for a 1.6 turbo, but as with all performance cars its never enough. Comparing to its rivals it is not quite the GTI beater or the ST shamer. However as a first attempt Kia never set out for the GT (notice the missing "i") for it to be either of those things. It produces an amazing amount of torque and delivers it brilliantly. There is practically no turbo lag when driven hard (ie as with any smaller engine with a turbo you have to use a heavy right foot.)

A little side note on the handling of the car. The electric steering rack is the only thing I could say needs some more refining. Currently you get very vague feedback from the wheels. Something to hope they improve with future models. That aside the GT handles amazingly and will tackle any corner at any (legal) speed you want it to. This is mostly due to the Michelin Pilot Sport 3's but also due to the very well balanced setup of the car.

The GT-Line then, surprised me quite a bit! Its only a 1 liter turbo charged petrol engine, however you would not be able to tell if you were just handed the keys and told to go for a drive! To gain maximum performance you must focus on keeping the boost just right from that turbo but it works like a charm. Power and torque are linear and consistent through the rev range. You mustn't lose the boost though, if you do, it will require you to start to build it again from the low revs or a new gear. It's handling is a little more relaxed than the GT, it feels a bit more flamboyant in the corners and the steering suffers from the same lack of feedback, but overall a great experience. Economy is great in the GT-Line and as a smaller engine it makes short work of any insurance company's premiums. The looks are the clear winner here in a great overall package!

Hope that was helpful for at least some of you. Post any questions bellow.

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