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My 2015 sorento developed 2 faults within days of one another
1 the boot only opened 1/2 way electronically and had to be msn handled to fully open for use.
2 after a few days I opened the sunroof. On trying to-close it it opened fully again. To close it it has to be msn handled again.
The car was returned to the dealers to rectify. On completion I was told that the sunroof runners needed cleaning and lubricating. The runners were clean as it’s on my deep clean list
The boot I was told needed adjustment. I asked where this could be found, should it occur again, and was told it was computerised and I would not be able to do it.
I was charged for this “work”

My question is that both the sun roof and boot are computerised, for adjustment, could that same computer be instructed (programmed) to fail at a later date?

My car had a warranty issue addressed a couple of months ago presenting an opportunity for this to be introduced.

Can anyone advise me?
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