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It would be great to have some advice:

The car is a great runner but it failed as follows:

Exhaust Carbon Monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds manufacturer's specified limits.
Limits <0.20% vol. First Fast Idle Test 0.47 FAIL. 2nd test 0.41 FAIL
Exhaust lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits
Limits 0.970 to 1.030 1st test 1.041 FAIL. 2nd test: 1.031 FAIL ( thousandth!!)

My mechanic is insure what to do.
He has just done servicing work on it like coil and filter changes.
He is going to fit a new " in front" Lambda Sensor (although here is no light on) .

We have recently been using he new E10 petrol. Might E5 help with the readings?

The car has done almost 100,000 miles having done lots of motorway miles before we had it.
We have had it two and a half years and have done 12,600 miles in that time.

We would so appreciate any thoughts anyone has on the best way forward. Thank you Tim

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Hi & Welcome.

If no errors showing.

I would take it for a good run to get it nice & hot, lots of high revs (Italian tune up) to burn stuff away. Then get it straight on the emission tester.

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i assume air filters been changed?
As iooi says, good hot run before the mot.

Give it a double dose swig of redex petrol system cleaner as well before the run Eg half tank with full tanks dose. I always do this before an MOT (petrol or diesel) and can also help clean the injectors and lower emissions. Kia use system cleaners as part of their service routine, and it's only a few quid.

If the check engine lights not coming on, no point replacing sensors.

Worst case scenario would be a dying cat converter. Used prices are not prohibitive.

If your mechanic is unsure, you can always pay the garage to do just an emission test beforehand, rather than full cost of MOT.

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Thank you iooi and xroads for your kind and helpful responses.

My mechanic did the following before resubmititng the car for another emiisions test:

Changed in-front Lambda sensor
Checked PCV valve
Took it for a good run before submitting it for the test.

It passed. pleased it passed because it is a great runner.

Thanks again Tim
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