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My wife has a 2013 Kia Sportage EV. UVO non navi and the radio has crapped out. I've already done all the resets and battery stuff and no change. After looking deeper, it appears that the amp has gone to that great audio store in the sky.

I know that head unit is actually sending a digital signal to the amp so just replacing the amp won't be a solution. I'm looking to change the entire audio system, the head unit, amp as well as speakers. My question is this: Can I still use the original wiring harness and just splice the new components into the harness?

My thought process is to change the head unit and get the correct harness to connect to the factory Kia harness. Then go back to the amp location and identify the wires I will need and splice them into the amp harness. I can then change connectors for the new speakers. In my head this will work but not 100% sure. If anyone has done this or have any suggestions, tips it would be greatly appreciated.
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