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As experienced on other models, there are some minor
specification changes across the Sorento range, together with an average
price increase of 3% across the line-up.

MY11 Sorento Pricing


Please note any existing customer sold orders on the
system as at 24/06/10 that can not be satisfied from MY10 stocks will be
price-protected. No further back
orders will be taken against MY10 variants from 24/06/10.

Changes - All models

The following specification
additions/changes are implemented on all Sorento models -

Stop Signal (ESS) Lights ""“ an additional safety feature which flashes
the rear lights when the vehicle is braked rapidly or severely, to warn
following drivers of a potential emergency stop situation.

Change ""“ the 4WD system on all ""˜KX' models will now be termed All-Wheel
Drive (AWD). As such external wing badge emblems change from 4WD to

Sorento KX-2 & KX-3 Models

Bluetooth is added as a
standard feature to all ""˜KX-2' grades upwards. Bluetooth functionality
allows a mobile phone to wirelessly connect to the audio system,
enabling the driver to safely receive hands-free calls whilst driving.
Functionality is provided via buttons mounted on the steering wheel. MP3
music files can also be played from the phone via the vehicle audio
system, similar to the CD Audio with MP3 functionality.

Suspension (SLS)

All ""˜KX' models will be offered with optional
Self-Levelling Suspension at an additional cost of £500 inclusive of VAT

MY10 Supply

As you will be aware, there have
been lengthy delays since launch on deliveries of Sorento, including
those with SLS, due to higher than anticipated global demand leading to
production capacity issues. We can confirm that we are expecting
arrivals of our MY10 production during July and August which will clear
the vast majority of customer back orders up to and including May
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