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Hey there all-stars..

I've had some ideas about pinching other parts from other Kia's..

The UB Rio looks ideal as a subframe swap as you can compare here


This is the picanto subframe below.


Now as you can see the mounting points on the picanto are a single bolt on and the above Rio has an extra hole for mounting.. grinder comes out zips off the corner mounts.. as for the top mounts the arms look to be in the ideal spots. This also gives me the idea that the mounting points might be better suited for the Rio swap being a 1.6 litre swap with a 6 speed manual. Mmm niceness.

As for the LCA mount points on the Rio subframe, not sure how this will affect the alignment of the front wheels for the picanto.. is anyone brave enough to try this out?

Also the U gulley through the middle of the subframe might allow for a steering rack upgrade from most of the Kia's and might even allow for better handling..

I'm aware the 2015 au model Cerato has a steering mode button on their models that allow for changing the racks style of driving so there is an upgrade in itself.. however not sure on the length of the steering rack tie rod ends so maybe the picanto ends might need to be swapped out to correct the length.

The Rio front and rear brake swap would give better braking for the little beast and perhaps even larger tyres if so desired.

Not sure on the fuel tank for extra economy as these would need to be checked against mount points compared between the Rio and Picanto.. a drill and welder should be able to fix what ails ya.

If anyone has some feedback.. I'd sure appreciate it.
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