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Hi all,

I have a friend with parents who own a 2009 (1.2?) Rio that has covered 70k. I don't know the car myself at all, so will have to ask if there is any clarification required.

Recently, a problem has developed whereby random gearbox selection/change is impossible unless the car engine is turned off and restarted. This can happen in any gear, whether travelling up or down the box. I believe that on each occasion the car has been brought to rest, although I am not sure if this is a requirement.

Following dealer advice, a replacement clutch was recently fitted which has made no difference. The only other major work the car has had is a replacement alternator, although I don't believe the phenomenon began at this time.

There are several other posts with similar problems but nobody has come back with a solution to the problem.

It seems to me to be electrical rather than mechanical as it is so random so must have happened to someone else at some time or other.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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