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This particular model has been with our family since new(yes, 10 years now, just clocked in 100399 miles).
Wife got a newer car some time ago and poor Kia was spending most of the time in the driveway as I walk to work, so apart from occasional trips not much use.

Anyway, I had this idea for a long time. Planning on having a wee project and can't find much info online for some reason, I guess the car is not much attractive target for mods but then I don't really want to sell it as it has sentimental value I guess.

What I'm doing atm is going through most of the components and checking/fixing small issues, ie. need to fix driver side window, strip some of the engine parts and clean/paint, replace some of the ducting, clips, get rid of the rust here and there and hopefully by the end of the year have the brakes completely rebuilt.

started last week - changed the oil, coolant, serviced AC, changed the glow plugs(old ones where dead), installed oil catch can.

Car is due for MOT in Dec, so need to make sure all is sound by the end of Nov to proceed with rest of work.

The plan:

Planning on fitting new alloys, Just bought a chip, shorter springs(don't need coilovers as this is not track car) and would love smaller aftermarket steering wheel - does anyone have any sort of experience with fitting aftermarket steering wheel(like MOMO /OMP) in Kia proceed? is it as straightforward as any other car or will I'm in for surprise?

I'm not into invasive changes so not planning on removing DPF but thinking about installing slightly bigger turbo - probably next year as I'll have to look inside the engine and make sure piston/valves are looking as they should.

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