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Evening all

Think I know the answer but always happy to ask those who know far better for confirmation. The attached images show the brake cylinder on the rear wheel passenger side of my daughtrers car which I am trying to sort out for her and I believe that piston (if that's what it is) is stuck out on one side.

It won't budge so assume it has been like that for some time and I believe when working correctly, operation should be each piston moving in a balanced fashion to move the shoes onto the drum in an even manner

Car has been stood still for over a year and trying to get it back on the road for her. Front brakes all done no issues plus the other rear corner but the drum was catching on this corner each time I put the cover back on and therefore investigated further and found this issue. Brake fluid was coming out the side of the seal when foot pedal operated with all uncovered so took apart to investigate further.

Don't have time to work on it too much further so plan is to get back on the toad, as long as seal works when all re-installed and get it to a garage (driving very gingerly) just a few miles away for them to resolve this issue and then get through MOT. Just wondered if there might be any obvious way to free up that side of the cylinder but think it is wedged solid and will therefore need replacing.

Many thanks in advance for any comments and advice

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