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Hi, so lm selling the old beasty bus..

12 months MOT done last Friday 13th Dec, failed on a few things, usual wear and tear items, bulbs, a droplink and brakes but all sorted now.
No sign of the usual rear axle mounts rotting or sills either.

Had a few other things recently, front pads, bearings, air filter, fuel filter, fuel flush, refurbed clutch pulley, and alternator, new Aux belt after it threw the last 1.

We bought it to tow our old caravan but we have sold it now, so we have no need for a big old bus.

2005 mileage is 108500k ish will go up as its my daily.

The usual XS refinements all leather, leccy everything etc etc.

4x4 works, cruise works, no tank delamination..

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