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2005 Picanto has an earth fault causing battery drain. 2 days previous, my wife had briefly smelled burning.
On inspection, found 0.16 amp drain on P/LP fused circuit.
Also battery lamp on dash not lighting when ignition switched on. This has been now been resolved by fitting a new alternator.
Battery was tested and subsequently renewed.
Whilst checking the dash lamps, noticed that the earth fault disappeared when the white (smaller n/s) multiplug on the speedo clocks was disconnected.
All systems for the car seem to be operating ok with exception of the "Hood open" circuit, only getting 0.9v at the bonnet switch plug.
Could someone recommend where to get a wiring diagram.
Which dash lamp should indicate "Hood open"?
Which circuits are fed from the white multiplug?
Any helpful comments on this matter would be most welcome.
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