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2018 Sportage 3 1.7crdi, 2007 Picanto 1.1
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Hi all, first post, first kia to be fair.

I just bought a second hand (obviously) rio 1.3l petrol, it has a consistent and loud tapping noise from the engine regardless of speed and load, I will try the recommended oil change, flush and filter I have already read, however...

The brakes are operating at the end of the pedal travel and while they work, id like them working a little higher up the travel path of the pedal, I will check the resevior tomorrow, but what else could it be that I need to be checking? I guess checking pads would be a good start as well?
In addition to the other posts I would add it is also possible that over tightening of the handbrake cable adjuster would also cause poor braking. It sounds like the drums will probably have to come off as part of your investigation anyway but on reassembly the handbrake cable will require slackening off to allow the shoes to self adjust
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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