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Has anyone had a problem with their brakes?
You may need to check your brake fluid levels. Whilst driving home tonight
(11/06/2011) I noticed that my brake warning light come on, on the dash board.
I thought at first that it was the hand brake, but when I came to stop at a red
traffic light I realised to my horror that I didn't have any brakes.
I sailed through the light stopping on the side with minimal brakes. I think I
was very lucky to be still bein one piece.

I called the RAC
out, who had to top the fluid up with over half a liter of brake fluid. I was
lucky that there was no traffic on the road at the time. Good job no one ran
out in front of me, as the consequences don't bear thinking about. The RAC have
found a leak, but can't pinpoint exactly where about it is. All the connections
are tight, but the fluid has gone all over the servo causing the paint to peel
off. One very scary drive, so please check your brake fluid levels and the
servo for paint peeling off or just rub your fingers around the brake pipes
coming off the brake reservoir for any fluid.

As soon as my
dealers finds out what caused the leak I will place a further post, but if
anyone can shed any light on the problem. Then please let me and the rest of



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Do Not ignore a WARNING light, If your brake warning light comes on, you either have left the handbrake on or the fluid in the hydraulic resevoir has started to drop from the full mark.
And the duel braking system will normally stop you if you act straight away.


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pirespt said:
Glad you are ok.

In the same topic, does anyone find that the handbrake has poor "bite"?

It seems like it could lock early in the tread
I have to pull my hand brake up very high for it to hold. The hand brake feels more like a 5 year old car than a new one.

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The handbrake on my 1.7CRDi is fine, works very well and doesn't need pulling hard at all.

Will keep an eye out for the brake warning light, sounds like you had a scary experience but glad you are OK!

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