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Hello.. new to kia, s
wife wanted to off road!
injection pump leaking it appears from a solenoid fitted on side of pump...
has 3 wires coming from it snd inside is a spring and shaft and a few ss washers..... its held on to pump by 2 screws and a quadrangular flat oil seal...25 mm.. suspect its the seal is hardened...
anyhow tried O ring and same leak.
anybody help me please as to what this is"fuel shut off/cold start?
anybody know how the washers etc assembly inside.. is there a ss ball valve missing?
does any body know where i can buy new or second hand if i cant fix?
currently in Portugal and suspect it was imported from from usa but not sure...
its a sportage 2000 4wd 2litre diesel with abs.
right now stuffed as wont pass mot with dripping diesel which is only correct.
so far not a good start for a fun vehicle!
tks for info in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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