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Had to put my 03 Sedona CRDi off the road as no one could get to the bottom of the problem and the only suggestion was to get a new high pressure pump (which I didn't agree with)

I sorn'd it in December and bought something else to keep me going until I did some research. Everything that has been tried has failed until i had a n epiphany yesterday.

Basically what happens is the car loses power and cuts out intermittently but dipping the clutch allows it to idle. When you restart it always runs fine for a few seconds and then the fault reappears.

My hand got caught yesterday resulting in me holding the key in the start position for a few seconds. This clears the fault immediately.

When it is running badly if you move the ignition key against the spring to the start position, the fault clears immediately and full power returns 100% of the time.

Does this mean I have a faulty ignition barrel or switch. Or is there a relay that controls this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Neil
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