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66 plate Sportage KX4
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Hey :)
Firstly I need to say that I'm not fortunate to have the above car it's my Mum's :)
The car didn't come with a space saver or spare tyre (Dads fault it would seem) and we are looking to get a space saver tyre for it. I've found lots of examples of 14" and 15" ones but none for 16". I'm not sure if it's unusual but my Mum's car has 16" wheels
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Can you guys help me?
Does the space saver need to be 16" or could it be 15" (I'd like her to be safe)
is there a different car that uses the same wheels that may have a space saver 16"?
any help would be really appreciated
Space savers are generally a different size to the normal wheels/tyres.
they are usually very small width to save space. This also means they-are only to be used for a few miles at low speed (they are only meant to get you to a garage)
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