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Hi , I have seen some issues regarding this here . However my 57 plate SW 1.6 LS's fuel consumption is nowhere near what the official figures claim.

mostly dual carriageways , trips down the A1 to Wakefield/Leeds etc is returning 36 MPG each time ! ( I measured it manually - funny enough gettingthe same figure as what the cars computer says! )

Car was purchased from KIA last september with just 1900 mls on , it has now got 12,000 motorway miles on. I reckon I should be getting late 40's at least ? I will claim to be an extremely economical driver and its a poor conclusion ( apart from bad re-sale value ) on an otherwise good car.

I'm looking to take it to the dealers , but TBH , I think I'm onto nothing so any advice from Ceed owners here will be much appriciated .


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