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First thing, to buy a car that is 3 years old with only1900 miles on the clock means it has had very little use most of which was probably in town (only guessing)which is simply not good for any car. With 12000 miles on the clock it should be loosening up nicely but it will take a while longer to be fully beddded in.
Its been said many times on here and other forums that the EUofficial fuel consumption figures only exist to provide emmision figures and to help buyerscompare similar models, in the real world the figures are impossible to achieve. The car you have bought has a combined figure of approx 42mpg and an urban of about 33mpg, in the real world its normal to get somewhere between the two on a decent run and just below the urban figure when using the car only in town. Yourfigure of 36mpg on a decent run is spot on in the range thus I don't think you have anything to worry about. The Ceed SW is a large car thus you cannot expect to get the fuel economy of a supermini.

Two examples from our current cars.

Ceed 3 SW 1.6 CRDi, Urban 52 mpg, combined 60 mpg, we get about 49 mpg overall and 56 mpg on a decent run.

BMW 118D, Urban 52 mpg, Combines 63 mpg, get about 48 mpg overall and 54 mpg on a decent run.

Enjoy the car and accept that the figures are only a guide. We had a Nissan Micra 1.2 about 4 years ago and that would not achieve the type of fuel comsumption figures you are hoping for, about 43 mpg average.

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