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  1. Wheel Bearings on Warranty?

    Sportage 2016+
    Good morning all I have a 2016 Sportage First Edition and I believe my bearings are beginning to go and have emailed 4 local dealers asking whether this would be covered under the 7 year warranty with various results. Without naming stores, 2 told me that it would not be covered, 1 told me...
  2. Warranty problems

    Main Message Centre
    Hi folks just wondered if people have encountered this issue i Potentially may have. I have a 2014 optima auto 2 and have recently noticed the emissions light and was advised it was an EGR fault. Booked into local Kia dealers to check and they advised as it was billowing smoke on trying to get...
  3. 2014 Soul Wheel Bearing Noise

    Kia Customer Support
    Want to ask Kia Customer Services a question. We have a 2014 '64 Plate Soul crdi manual with less than 17000 miles on the clock that appears to be developing a front wheel bearing noise (most noticeable around 50mph especially when going round right hand bends). Before we go to our local Kia...