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  1. Venga
    Hey guys, Buying my first proper car, second hand from a Charles Hurst (reputable) dealer in NI, its a kia venga 1.2 5dr 2012 50k miles, when we went for test drive the car wouldn't start initially, dealer needed to get jump cables to start it Told me not to worry (of course they'd say that)...
  2. Venga
    Hi, During this hot weather I noticed a white mark on the top of my windscreen. On closer inspection the glass appears to be delaminating. It is a 2017 Venga, it’s booked into the dealership on Wednesday but has anyone experienced this before and possibly a warranty claim for defective windscreen?
  3. Venga
    Hi guys, Just bought a Venga 2017 1.6ltr 4. Just discovered it doesn't seem to have DAB radio :oops: - unless I'm missing something... O was wondering if anyone knew if there was a DAB radio converter or similar that I could integrate in to the entertainment system? Any help would be gratefully...
  4. Venga
    Hi all!! can anyone please let me know are best places are to get venga spares?? At the minute I’m look for a drivers side front door seal! But I’ve not been able to find one! The only one I’ve found so far was a second hand passenger side one!!🙄🙄 any help would be much appreciated 😁
  5. Venga
    Hi all, first time post. I have a question about my 65-plate Venga (1.4L petrol). The battery died and a voltmeter shows it's holding only 5V so figured I need to get a new one. I tried using the wizards on Halford's and Euro car parts but they do not recognize the my number plate. I am...
  6. Venga
    Hi all Can anyone give me any advice on being a Kia venga owner? As this is my first venga in fact my first Kia!! Where is the best place to get a owners manual??
  7. Venga
    Hi everyone New to owners club, can I ask does anyone know if you can alter the boot as the panel gap on one side is a lot smaller than the other side?? As in on the drivers side I can get a pound coin in the panel gap but on the passenger side I can’t get it in the gap!!
  8. Venga
    Hello all We've recently purchased a 2010 Venga 2. We love it! We want to fit a sat nav, or at least a double din stereo that has apple/android car. Using a phone is a bit too fiddly and the usb on the car doesn't hold the charge of the phone whilst it's on maps constantly. So I have a few...
  9. Venga
    Hi, The plate that sits behind the rear brake discs ( I think it is sometimes called a splash plate or backing plate ) is really corroded and needs replacing. Does anyone know where I can get one for my 2011 Venga? Many online searches bring up the part for a Ceed but I assume that wouldn't...
  10. Venga
    We have a tiny USB thumb drive that plays mp3s through the USB socket. No problem with the sound, but although it's perfectly formatted on the drive, some of the music is listed by performer, others by the title of the album. It's quite irritating when you're looking for "Frightened Rabbit"...
  11. Venga
    Hi! First time posting here. Have just bought a 2012 1.4 diesel venga and I love it. I bought it and was told the glow plugs needed doing, hence difficult start, however after driving it home the starting is still much longer than should be as glow plugs shouldn't be an issue once the engine is...
  12. Venga
    Hi folks, I have recently purchased a standard second hand Kia Venga headunit (see photo attached) from ebay and with some help I was able to security unlock it. Now I can enjoy the endless possibilities of bluetooth in my car. The problem I have is that since my previous headunit had no...
  13. Venga
    Hi all, Newbie here. Im a Driving instructor and looking to replace my aging work horse - a Suzuki Splash - brilliant little car. I'm here as i like the Venga but read about the awful fuel economy on the pre 2015 4-speed models and was wondering 2 things:- is the post 2015 model (now 6-speed)...
1-13 of 13 Results