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  1. Stonic
    Hi all, Just picked up my stonic 2018/9 UK a few days ago and so far all has been well. Today however, the centre touchscreen/sat nav only displayed the digital clock and nothing else, no other buttons such as media, radio, power button worked at all, i just wondered if anybody else has had this...
  2. Stonic
    Hi, Just bought the Kia Stonic k1 and I can’t figure out if I can change the lcd screen to show the speed only. I’ve checked the manual but I’ve only managed to get it in the top right corner and it’s so small. I saw a similar post here with instructions but I don’t have the same steering...
  3. Stonic
    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I own a 2019 Stonic 4. During lockdown my driver side rear door handle broke off in my hand. I had no choice but to glue it as my dealer was closed. Reported the problem on its first service. Kia wouldn't replace the handle because I'd glued it. Grossly unfair I thought...
  4. Kia Customer Support
    Hi, I have a Stonic 4 in Urban Grey/Orange and I'd like to get some touch up paint for the Urban Grey. Can you tell me the colour code for this please? The label on the side door jam is blank where the paint code should be - i guess that's because it has more than one colour.
  5. Stonic
    Hello, I am going to install a towbar on my new Stonic but i cant figure out how to remove the rear bumper. I have removed all the obvious clips and screws but it is stuck somehow on the outer sides. Anyone know how tto get it loose or where to find a manual for this? Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results