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stinger gt
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  1. Introductions
    So I went for a test drive on Saturday with the view of buying a 2018/19 kia stinger Gts. The garage had a three month old 2021 pre registered car in stock. Having sat in the 2019 version and then the 2021, I was taken aback by some of the new features, particularly the new infotainment system...
  2. Stinger
    Hi all, I’m new here and have a 2020 Stinger GT 3.3 and loving it! Had the car from new and what can I say I’m used to the power now so debating getting the Racechip mod. I’m just looking for info from anyone that has one of these in the uk. I’ve read an old thread on here that’s almost 3 years...
  3. Stinger
    G'day everyone! My name is Matt and I run the Car Review YouTube channel MattBrandCars (link for those interested: Kia have given me a 2020 Stinger GT and I wanted to know from owners: What do you love about your Stinger? What do you hate? I like to get...
1-3 of 3 Results