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  1. Kia Service

    Sportage 2016+
    I have just taken my 2016 Kia Sportage to a Kia Garage to book it in for a service (4th year service) and was quoted £460.00 which seems incredibly excessive to me. Do I HAVE to get the service done at a Kia Garage if I have the car on PCP and is that price about the norm? Thanks in advance...
  2. Wheel Bearings on Warranty?

    Sportage 2016+
    Good morning all I have a 2016 Sportage First Edition and I believe my bearings are beginning to go and have emailed 4 local dealers asking whether this would be covered under the 7 year warranty with various results. Without naming stores, 2 told me that it would not be covered, 1 told me...
  3. 2003 Kia Sportage diesel rough idle when cold

    Sportage 1995 - 2003
    I have the above and first it was hard to start. Had a garage change the glow plugs Whilst I was at it had fuel Filter, oil filter and coolant changed. Before the work was done it ran fine even when the engine was cold. Now after the work it starts on half a turn even after a week but the...
  4. Turbo fault code P2563

    Sportage 2010 - 2015
    Morning all. Been having a few problems with my turbo the past few days. it keeps going into limp mode when i'm travelling at low speeds. It's done it about 5-10 times then last night it caused the engine management light to come on. It's not gone out now. Now my initial thoughts are the fuel...
  5. Sportage odd battery drain issue

    Sportage 2010 - 2015
    2013 Diesel AWD 2L ECO Sportage. Every now and again the battery drains and car will not start, use jump pack and starts first time. Example, we left the car a whole week and no problem but leaving it two days recently and it was dead, the other day we also left car for just about 5 hours and...
  6. LED trunk and tailgate lights (PN: 66652ADE00)

    Main Message Centre
    Hello everyone, I'm (almost) a new owner of a brand new Kia XCEED. And I am a bit interested of a trunk accessory, namely LED trunk and tailgate lights (part number: 66652ADE00):
  7. Clutch Issue

    Sportage 2010 - 2015
    Hi All Hoping someone may be able to help me. The other day I stopped in traffic. I went to take my car out of gear and it wouldn't come out of gear. The clutch pedal stayed depressed and I had to pull it up by hand. It's been fine since until today where it almost got stuck in gear. My car...
  8. Ad Blue

    Sportage 2016+
    How often should I be putting adblue in my Sportage 1.6 Crdi I have done 9,000 miles and the tank is still showing full. It is 11 months old?