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  1. Sportage 2021+
    Hi I am Christopher P I am on my second KIA Sportage getting my new style model in mid February 2022. Sadly all is not well. I had driven just 998 miles which consisted of some urban mile but two trips to Manchester airport and back which added approximately 240 mile plus a trip to Ashbourne and...
  2. Sportage 2021+
    Thought it would be good for all to post some pics of their new cars in this post. I see there’s a few people debating colours etc but thought it might be a good idea for those who have took delivery of their cars to post some pics for all to see as I’m sure there will be plenty of different...
  3. Sportage 2021+
    Hi I have ordered a new Sportage in the ‘2’ trim. However I understand that the entry level model only have a 4 inch and 8 inch display rather than the full 12 inch. I can’t seem to find any images anywhere of what this will look like in real life. As most reviews and pictures are of ‘3’ trim...
  4. Sportage 2021+
    Just ordered a new Launch edition model in Penta Metal grey,😁 delivery 1st week of March
1-4 of 4 Results