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  1. Sportage 2016-2021
    Hi All, New member here, hoping to get a lot out of this forum. I am purchasing a 2016 Sportage tomorrow. Is there anything I should be checking prior to handing over my money? Thanks, :)
  2. General Discussion
    Hi all. Not actually an owner (yet) but looking. Considering a 2018 Sportage 1.7 CRDI ISG 2. Any buying advice would be welcome .... what to look for, what to avoid etc. Is there any restrictions on the warranty that I need to check to ensure it is valid and can be transferred. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sportage 2016-2021
    So, i have been using my sportage 1.7 diesel regularly and no issues. However, I have noticed that from time to time, the ISG light will start blinking yellow and it will stay like that. When that happens, i had to pull over and turn off the engine. Once i turn it back on, ISG light is no longer...
  4. Sportage 2016-2021
    Good evening guys. Tomorrow i am going to check an 2016 sportage 2,0 crdi 4wd that i really like and its in my budget. Could anyone help me with the real consumption of this car . Already a picanto owner thats why i am here :)
1-4 of 4 Results